373: This is stupid. 
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205/365: Growing up is scary.
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182/365: Paint splashes and a blunt statement on old cardboard for today (this looked better in my head).
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175/365: Trust me on this one, other peoples opinions about you aren’t important.
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158/365: I probably shouldn’t have written over a marking sheet I received yesterday.
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159/365: I hate to admit it but I understand why I have the flu because I haven’t been very nice to my body lately. (I’m sorry body I will try and treat you better.)
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Words to live by
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Healing in the Heartland :)
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I love babysitting :)
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I just want us to be as close as we were when you were with me for ten months and I was with you for three weeks.

156/356: If I was to receive an award this would be it.
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